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Actions take place in parallel universe. In 3338 humans with other races are waging wars on different continents, which contributes developing and using of cybernetic prostheses- this allowed everyone to live for more than 700 years replacing parts of the body. The scientists discover suitable for habitation planet and send an expedition, consisting from experts and military. The flight lasts 557.7 light years. The spacecraft sends a signal that the landing was successfully, after that the signal disappeared. Back on Earth was made a decision to send another expedition, in which a son of disappeared expedition member was involved. During arrival 2nd spacecraft makes emergency landing and can’t return to the Earth. The crew decides to find the 1st expedition and to use spare parts to repair their spacecraft and find out what happened with the first expedition. We are playing for the second expedition.

Dynamic fights

Advanced battle technologies in CRYEP allow you to play up to 8 people fighting in the "Battle Royale", as a large-scale "last man standing" fight in deathmatch mode, where players are fighting between each other to become the last survivor.



Play the original arcade version of "CRYEP", running six charismatic characters!

Player vs. player Mode:

Play with your friends in battle mode, player vs. player, the player against the group or group against the group. Up to 6 players are available in the group.

Online mission (Online multiplayer)

Join the Steam and play in the "royal battle" mode.


Modify the control, and the volume of the sound for the greatest enjoyment of "CRYEP" on the computer.


Check your current rank and points in "CRYEP" at any time, challenge other players to become the best soldier of "CRYEP" in the world!

Why early access?

The main goal of early access is to encourage the Steam community to express their opinions at the latest stages of the game development. We want total transparency in our game mechanics.
As a small team, Early Access also gives us the opportunity to make sure that the game works with minimal errors and bugs, thanks to the preparation and testing of the game mechanism during 2 years within mini-games.
The development of the game will take place until May 2018, and we will work very closely with the community to improve the game as much as possible.

How long this game will be in early access?

We plan to release the game in May 2018, and we will make software updates on an ongoing basis, with new content.

What is the main difference between early acces version and planning full version?

The full version will contain more levels, characters, competitors, and also there will be added the multiplayer over the network.
The Feedback from the community gives us new ideas that we can use for an interesting game process.

What is the current state of the early access version?

There are 2 game characters and fully playable 2 levels.

Will there be a price difference before and after early access?

During Early access, the game will cost less.
We want to get as much constructive feedback as possible so that we can make a full release good as possible.

How do you plan to involve the community in the development of the game?

With the reviews of the game itself, we will be in direct contact with the gaming community to collect feedback and discuss the game mechanics, and we offer to participate in the selection of names for the main game characters.

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